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Armed and Dangerous  

I must have a weakness for men in skirts. There was really no other explanation for why I should have been standing at the edge of a forest, buying a bow and arrow from a long- haired man in a tunic.

“Use this one for puerco (pig)” he explained, carefully drawing a yellow feathered arrow out of the quiver “and this one for venado (deer).”

Although it was unlikely that I’d ever need to shoot my own dinner, I listened carefully to his instructions. It was hard not to like him. He was Lacandón, a member of one of North America’s last surviving tribes of forest dwellers. Residing deep within the jungle bordering Mexico and Guatemala, they have been retreating further and further into their diminishing rainforest preserve in the face of increasing urbanization. Of course, it’s hard to be militant when there are only 600 of you left.
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